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Toucan Eco Active bio clean and disinfectant generator is a greener way to clean small to medium facilities producing 10 litre batches of high quality solution in as little as 15 minutes. It is a safe, non- toxic and ecologically friendly bio-degradable alternative to traditional cleaning and disinfecting chemicals.


Toucan Eco Active is an electrochemical activation (ECA) cleaning and sanitising system that offers the most effective, money saving and environmentally friendly alternative for chemical-free cleaning. Its components of water and salt, when activated, produce a solution which is non-toxic and non- hazardous to people and animals. Simply make your own solution. Stringent tests undertaken by EU accredited independent laboratories and university research departments have shown it is 99.999% effective against all forms of microorganisms killing bacteria fungi, spores and viruses with a very fast contact time and virtually no regrowth.


The solution only has two components – water from the tap and table salt, which is dissolved in the water. The components are activated using a form of electrolysis whereby a small electrical current is applied to the solution using a specialised electrolysis cell. This produces hypochlorous acid, which is a powerful and safe disinfectant, and sodium hypochlorite solution, an effective cleaning agent. Together, they create a powerful, naturally occurring disinfectant cleaner and sanitiser that’s safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic, environmentally friendly and low lost.


A single activation will produce 10 litres of disinfectant and cleaning solution equivalent to around 16 x 600ml spray bottles.


The system includes a generator, 10 litre tank, brine salt dispenser, discharge tap and shelf. Fixings for control panel and shelf are included.

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