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Toucan ECO


The Toucan Eco Pro generates a combined disinfectant and cleaning agent, and is also a very effective deodoriser. It can be used wherever general cleaning and sanitising tasks are carried out and should replace the majority of chemical disinfectants and cleaning agents that are traditionally used.
The Toucan Eco Pro solutions are ideal for use on surfaces and materials that require high and continuous cleanliness standards:

Work surfaces – including treated wood, plastics, laminates, plastics,

Glass – including windows, mirrors, windscreens, PC screens

Ceramics – tiles, toilets, urinals, basins
Metals - stainless steel, chrome and all metals

Fabrics – curtains, clothing, chair upholstery
Carpets – for general cleaning and removal of stains
Mattresses, cushions and pillows – general cleaning and disinfection and removal of stains

Equipment – general cleaning of plant and equipment including PC screens, laptops, key-boards,

Floors, walls, stairs – treated wood, ceramics, laminates, stone, epoxy
Plants – foliage

The Toucan Eco Pro is very effective in effecting and maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness in environments and facilities such as:

Offices and common areas
Kitchens and canteens and all food preparation areas
Food outlets and bars
Public buildings such as libraries, government sites, museums etc

Shops, malls, showrooms
Hotel and leisure facilities
Reception areas
Health clinics, dental clinics and hospitals
Care homes
Schools and Nurseries
Transport systems

Please note that that the Toucan Eco Pro solution it will not remove lime scale, carbonised deposits, high fatty residues or synthetic oils.

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